What Others Say

In order to let you know the types of results that happen through working with Active Motion, we present here what some of the physicians and patients we have helped have to say. We certainly can’t say it any better than they can.

Derick and his wonderful staff have helped me and my wife with various physical issues over the years with great success! We couldn’t be happier – You will be happy as well!

Murphy H.

  1. Go where the orthopedic surgeons refer their clients; the place where the doctors themselves and professional athletes go for relief of muscle, joint, tendon, and bone pain in any part of their bodies.

  2. Long established reputation for professionalism, medical skills and results.

  3. A team of accredited physical therapists each of whom bring a useful perspective to reach your goals.

  4. A huge sunny area with lots of windows and every piece of helpful equipment. The space is always immaculately clean and additional rooms allow privacy.

  5. A positive, upbeat, truly caring, gentle but effective approach to each client.

  6. They actually make physical therapy fun and very rewarding for you. I will never forget the owner, Derick Levy, kicking a soccer ball through the huge room in order to give a young soccer player practice.

  7. Central location on South Colorado Blvd near 1-25. 8. A free spacious parking lot with an attendant. Covered by Medicare and other insurance at low or no cost to you.

Denver Resident

Derick – I just want to extend my gratitude and appreciation to you and all of your great staff. I worked with Michelle yesterday and for now, we feel as though I’m in a good place with rehabbing the knee that I’ll hold off on any more sessions for the time being. It was 10 weeks ago today that the staph infection invaded my body and my knee. If you would have told me then and after the surgery that I would be back at work, and also being able to complete a 20-mile bike ride yesterday, I don’t think I could have imagined that would have been possible. But with the help of you, Kurt, Brooke, and particularly Michelle, they’ve been an amazing team to work with me and help me be able to reach that milestone. So a big thank you for all that you and your team do to help people recover. Take care, and be well.


“The team at Active Motion Physical Therapy is remarkable! We were in a very difficult situation when we were referred here. Derek and his team went above and beyond to rehabilitate my knee to a level that allowed us to travel back home to Montana. Very professional, compassionate, and, dedicated to their patients. A+++! Highly recommend without reservation”


I just thought that you might enjoy the enclosed picture of me playing golf—PAIN FREE—14 weeks after bi-lateral knee replacement surgery. When I came to Active Motion in November, I told you I wanted to play golf by the end of February. You said, “We can do that.” I am not sure that I believed you at that point in time, but the proof is in the picture. The knee replacement surgery is a really amazing process, but without your experience and expertise in rehabilitating patients afterward, the outcome would not be nearly as positive. Thanks for giving me back my golf game and my life.


“Making the decision to have knee replacement surgery was a big ordeal. Once the pain became so great and I decided to have the surgery I knew that I had to be committed to rehabilitation. We don’t often get many “do overs” in life and I was determined to maximize the benefits of this surgery. Under the guidance of Derick, Hugh and the rest of the team at Active Motion I made rapid progress in my mobility, strength and even pain management. They closely monitored my progress and kept me on a personal program that quickly restored my motion, balance and strength to levels higher than before surgery. They were good at assessment, treatment and encouragement for me to get better, faster. It took a lot of sweat and hard work but I’m happy to have had the Active Motion team on my side.”

Ben G.

“The care that my patients have received from the Active Motion physical therapists has been excellent. They have treated my most complex patients with great skill, compassion, and the intensity necessary to achieve the highly successful results that we always strive for.”

Douglas A. Dennis, MD
Colorado Joint Replacement

“As a 66-year-old short-course triathlete, I am leaner than I have been since high school, but the run training—especially when coupled with extended air travel—gives me bouts of sciatica. Until I met Derick and his team, I had been disappointed with the PT professionals who had been prescribed for me. Even those who were athletes themselves seemed fatalistic about my compliant [“you’re in your sixties after all; disc degeneration is a natural part of aging”], and recommended that that I knock off the running altogether. Derick was the first PT who both seemed to understand the importance I hold in continuing my active lifestyle and challenging myself, and come with a workable treatment. He convinced me that developing and maintaining “core strength” was not only my best chance of combating the sciatica, but would also improve my balance, my cycling power, my running gait and my swimming stroke. He also convinced me—against all odds—that I could achieve this with subtle exercises and stretches done often but in moderation—that I needed to control my impulse to grunt my way through twice-a-week sessions of inclined twisting sit-ups with a medicine ball.

I’m back to full training and the sciatica is under control, and I’m eager to test myself at The Mooseman Olympic Distance Triathlon in early June in New Hampshire. The only downside is that I don’t see Derick and his able team every Thursday. I miss them. They skate ski at Devil’s Thumb Ranch in Tabernash though, so I’m sure we’ll see each other next November—”on ‘yer left, Mate!”

Littleton, CO